Increasing your homes security.

Here at our Locksmiths – your security is our main concern. Over the past years we have had hundreds of calls of houses being broken into, so we will always get to your house and change the locks within the hour of being called out! However, there are certain ways that we can provide that will minimize the risk of your home being vulnerable to a home invasion.

There is one type of door in particular that we find most common to being broken into. This is the uPVC door, which may seem secure to you with the multi-point mechanism, however there is a technique used by burglars that allow them to break into your home within seconds! This is done by snapping the lock (cylinder) which allows them to manipulate the mechanism inside.

We here at Locksmiths will always recommend the Anti-snap uPVC cylinder to every customer with a uPVC door, its always better to be safe than sorry. And there is no price for keeping your loved ones and valuables safe. We always keep a supply of Anti-snap euro cylinders in our vans so we can always fit it for you for any time of day! So call your local Locksmiths for an over the phone quote for this job and we can book you in at any time that suits you best! (we can do a large amount of lock changes to help increase your security, just let us know an exact number of doors so we can be prepared for the job).

Smart lock

Your locksmith Richmond service would like to share this video for anyone who is giving thought to having a smart lock installed at home, it’s a great comparison, informational and helpful for anyone looking into the option.

If you would like to speak to an expert in the field of home security it’s our suggestion that you call this strong and wise locksmith Richmond service when you have the chance.

Having a conversation about your security is something we do gladly, and of course your questions and concerns will also be addressed.

You have the freedom to call at any time which suits you, and arranging for security checks, installations and repairs around your schedule is easy with a flexible team. Dial our number now to find the lock and security solution you seek.