Changing your door lock is a relatively easy work to do, if you know a couple of basic things about the mechanics. Also, you do not need any special skills, just an ordinary technical knowledge and a little bit of a patience. So why should you pay someone to do it when you can perform it on your own? In most of the cases you will need an ordinary screwdriver. In this article, we will show you the process of changing the door lock so pay attention to the procedure.

Find and buy a lock

Try to find a lock that is keyed only from the one side while having an assembly turn from the opposite. Have in mind that high quality locks can cost you a bit more, but you will be secure for a long time after you buy one. The dead bolt kit should have a cylinder, assembly, interior assembly, a steel strike plate and a mounting hardware.

Find-and-buy-a-lockTake out the old one

There should be two bolts in the turn assembly plate, which you need to remove before you pull out the turn plate assembly. Now, once you remove, there should be a hole in your lock. Now, you need to put away the old deadbolt , which you remove by taking out two screw heads. Gently pull it out once you remove screws.

Replace the deadbolt

Replace-the-deadboltOnce you have taken it out, place a new one but do have in mind that you must place it correctly, as it can be installed in only one way. It is not a bad idea to write down or even sketch up the old one and its placement so you could know how to install a new one. It must be placed with the face up. But do not worry as all the new ones have the arrow up or word “up” written so you could not place it incorrectly.

Place the new lock

Insert it through the channel in the dedbolt and make sure that the keyhole is aligned. Place a bar from the opposite side and twist the knob in order to expose holes. Use bolts to tighten the lock. Test your lock and enjoy!