3 Security Home Gadgets You Must Have In Your Home

3 Security Home Gadgets You Must Have In Your Home

Having a secured home is one of the first aspects that we must ensure before we say that our home is ready. Of course, this does not involve only the high-tech security locks, but also some security gadgets that contribute to the overall level of security. In this article, we will present the best home security gadgets you should have in your home. Although this site targets home locks and locksmithing basics, it would not make a haarm if you read a couple of things about the gadgets that will make your home more secure. All the three gadgets that we will list can ordered online so make sure you find the reliable supplier that provides high quality equipment.

Zmodo wireless cameraZmodo wireless camera

The surveillance system comes in handy as it can track all the movements and gives you the live stream access where you can monitor what happens around your home in real time. Zmodo system offers the fantastic performance that allows you monitoring through the Android/iOS application that you download on your smart phone. As a part of its features, this system offers you also night vision so you can see clearly during the night. All cameras are weatherproof, so you can install these outdoor. There are several packages that are available at the discount price and you usually get 4 cameras in the basic package.

August smart lock

This security lock is one of the latest innovations in the field of modern locksmithing. The security lock works in pair with your cellphone/smartphone and allows you to unlock and lock doors using the simple call/sms, depending on your preferences. You can create as many virtual keys as you want and allow many users to operate this lock. The only problem that you might encounter is during the cold days when the mechanism could stop working until it is heated a little bit.

August doorbell camera

Having a cool doorbell is the dream of every home owner but this doorbell changes things completely and makes your life easier! It is a simple doorbell system that has incorporated camera-like system. You can see through the doorbell, by downloading an app, or even speak through it if you have a guest but you are not at home at the moment. It uses motion-sensor detector and sends a notification to your phone every time someone is there.